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Madrid/Torrejon High School Association
2014 Reunion
Dates: Thursday, July 10 through Sunday, July 13, 2014
Place: Sheraton Premiere at Tyson's Corner,
8661 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22182

Class Picture (click to see full-size picture)

Back row: Bob Young, Jim Goodreau, Critt Hughes, Tony Ingrisano, Ty Rich, George Ulrich, Don Dillin. 3rd row: Roger Castro, Jacky Robin Jacky Robin Clyman, Benita Rollins, Marcia Hinton Amaon, Judy Wytock, Paula Saize Bennett. 2nd row: Sandy Jones Pullara, Sharyn Fitzpatrick Lind, Sally Nix, Diane Perkins Sparnon, Diane Aurelia Burton. Front row: Andy Figueroa, Eddie Bennett, Vernon Villaluz, Danny Solomon. Present at the reunion but missing in this pic are Ted Crowley and Sue Abellera who had been stuck in DC traffic and Vivian Elliott who was delayed. MIA is Bob Matthews.

Christ Paulis Photography's web site See and order all of the professional pictures.

Class Picture on Facebook Visit Facebook and search for your classmates and our groups using names and "Madrid" and "Torrejon" as keywords."

Bob Young's galleries Bob Young writes: "I have setup the gallery so that anyone can copy, print or download (right click - save picture as, etc.). If anyone would like a JPG file/s of any of these photos - please send me an email at bob@naturephotosales.coma. No Charge."

Eddie Bennett's album at Google+

Previous reunions!!

Overseas Brats - Daytona Beach VA
class gathering, Aug 2013

October 19-30 "Spain Trip 2012"

August - 4-7 "Meet us at the Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM 2011"

Overseas Brats - Reston VA
Photo album from our
class gathering, Aug 2010

July - 24-27 "MHS Knights in Sacramento 2008"

Our 60th birthday party:
Overseas Brats Reunion
Dallas, August 2007
related: (both pdf files open a new window)
Letter to the class of 1965 and
its attachment Bathtub Paella.

July 21-24 "Ft. Lauderdale Knights Tale 2005"

July 17-21 "Irving, Texas 2002"

Here's the gang at the reunion - nice looking group isn't it?! See link below for access to more picture....

Select (click on) the image
to see a full-size picture!

Our 35th "Mini"-Reunion
San Antonio - June 2000!

July 17-21 Scottsdale, Arizona 1999


Witches Sabbath

Note: live guestbook functionality was removed due to constant hacker activity.

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Class Photo Gallery
Castros & Solomons visit the Bennets
George Ulrich's 2004 Spain trip Royal Oaks, a photo essay
1965 Senior Superlatives Our Lives in Spain
There are also many photo albums lurking on the various reunion areas.


At this time we have the full Accolades from our 1965, 1964, and 1963, and
all of the main pages (cover through pg 95 + back inside cover) of 1962.





How to contact us

The Class of 1965 co-coordinators for the MHS Association are:
Jacky Robin [Clyman], Roger Castro, and Andy Figueroa.
Class Coordinator Emeritus (deceased), Vivian Elliott [Holler].

CLASS NOTES Send in your news for the Class Notes included in each Knightlines to
Jacky Robin [Clyman].


For those of you who are not aware of the Madrid High School Association, there is such an animal. The MSH Association publishes a biannual newsletter, Knightlines, and annually publishes a Directory of "found" alumi. The only way to be sure you get up-to-date information about reunions and other events is to register with the Association so that your name is in the database. You can do all of this on-line at the association web site You can also contact the MHS Association at the following address:

PO Box 3177
Tampa, FL 33601

For other MHS related websites, try:

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