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Sleepless Knights ... in Scottsdale

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Mr. Pierce & 65'ers Early Morning July 18th The first night out
Tenacious Golfers Folks at dinner More folks at dinner
Eddie and Critt Marti and Jackie Dawn Stanford and Jacky Robin
Linda Holifield and husband Getting ready to party Jackie getting the picture
More folks at dinner And, even more folks Friday relatively early
Early Friday evening Later Friday Much Later Friday
Critt chatting with ? Babe-o-licious Teacher and Students
More group fun John and his 'Babes' The Golfers pool side
Class of 64'ers Mary Beth & Critt A couple of Saturday night shots
Mr. Miller and students A couple of 'mixed' class shots More 'mixed' class shots
Roger and one of the '65 Babes Sunday morning and it's still FUN Pool time Friday
Bailar Pegado es Bailar MaryBeth and Roger Mr. {Dr.} Pierce and students
Mr. & Miss MHS Jackie & Ann Perez Blue Brother Routine
Funky Roger next next

Here's a link to photos that Andy Figueroa took at the reunion Andy's Album

I want everyone to know that getting these photos up is a group effort; Don Dillin has been cropping and brightening those that need attention, then emailing the enhanced version back to Class of '65 central. The first photos up were taken by Roger Castro or with his camera; Diane took her laptop to Scottsdale where Roger loaded his digital wonders as they were taken so that we could get photos up on the site for everyone's enjoyment as quickly as possible. Some of John Robinson's contributions are up now, mid-tiers; Jacky Robin's contributions are now up, lower tiers; see the link above for Andy Figueroa's gallery; Don will be sending some shots, too; and Roger promises some more gems -- photos attributed on each page. [So far I think I've kept Don too busy working on the photos up so far and he hasn't had time to get to the pictures he took!] We definently have this reunion recorded on film!

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