MHS Knight

June 2000
San Antonio, Texas

Hometown Earth

We had a hometown. It was the whole Globe. Not everyone on the globe is a member though, only our not so small select club. Everyone you met at every post woven together with everyone they met is our hometown. In many ways it's much better than coming from a regular hometown. In a place like Mascoutah everyone is the same. They talk the same, eat the same food, drink the same beer, dress alike, walk alike, play the same games etc... In our "Hometown" everyone is a little different. We cherish those little differences and when we have an opportunity to be together we love each other more because of them. It's the differences that make us special. I'm more "Eddie" when I'm with you guys and not fitting the mold of the Mascoutah male. We're no longer square pegs in square holes but beautiful colored tiles in an extravagant mosaic. After a reunion you take some of that back with you and perhaps for a while are a little different and maybe more colorful than before. Those who've missed the reunions have missed the whole hometown experience. They need to come.

Peace - Eddie

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These guys are HAPPY! The Babes were having FUN! Dinner on Friday night
Friday night at the Market Another classmate found! Jacky and Don
Paula and Eddie more more

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