Best Friends

August 4th, 2008

Back in 1997 when I first heard about the MHS/THS reunions, I was so excited I couldn’t wait for 1999 so I could go to my first reunion.  I really couldn’t explain why but the feelings were so strong that when my daughter told me she was going to get married that summer I told her she could do it any weekend but that reunion weekend.  I actually told her, “Don’t make me chose.”.  What a mean dad I was.  Fortunately she chose another time.  What a great experience that first reunion was.  You reunion goers know how that is.  Normally I’m a fast learner but it took me 9 years, 4 large reunions and several small reunions and the Brats film to figure out why I’m drawn back every 3 years.  Here it is:


You may not have been my best friend at MHS/THS, I might not have even known you but you’re the best friend I don’t even remember from when I started 1st grade in West Palm Beach FL.  You’re my new best friend who had a baby alligator when I continued 1st grade in Biloxi MS and you’re my new best friend I met when I finished 1st grade in Sacramento CA (All one year by the way.)  You’re my best friend Johnny who almost knocked my brother Mike out playing Cowboys and Indians when we moved on base for 2nd grade and half of third.  You’re my best friend Bobby at Johnson AFB in Japan for 2nd half of third, fourth, fifth, and half of sixth grade and my best neighbor friend Jimmy for part of the same time.  You’re my best friend Billy from the 2nd half of 6th grade, who almost died during minor surgery, in Amarillo, TX, you’re my best friends Mark and Tony from St. Joseph’s school in 7th and 8th grade and you’re my new best friend Jerry I met at  Stephen F. Austin Jr. HS.  You’re my best friend Jim Brown from Tascosa High School in Amarillo and finally you’re all my Best Friends at Madrid High School.

You may not have been my High School Sweetheart at MHS/THS but you’re that cute little Blond Haired Blue Eyed Kathy, who first touched my heart in first grade, your Susan and Judy who almost pulled me apart fighting over who was going to be my partner when we had dance class in third grade.  You’re Annie who used to give me piggy back rides in 4th grade.  You’re the dark haired brown eyed Elizabeth who won my heart in 6th grade.  You’re Pam who I hoped the bottle would stop on and you’re Patti who was my first official date (A war movie. How romantic.)  Finally, your all the girls at MHS I went out with or wished I could go out with.

Now every three years I have all my best friends back and all my lost loves show up.  Think of it, 250 best friends and 250 girl friends.  How could it get any better.


Hello MHS/THS Class of 1965!

July 27th, 2008

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