Overseas Brats - Dallas - August 2007
photos by Andy Figueroa

Bob Weathersby (other
Bob) and Bob Young
(just Bob)

Alicia Young,
Benita Rollins
and Ted Crowley

Roger Castro,
Mary Beth Knapp
and John Robinson

Jan Figueroa
and Petra Lacey

Jacky (back), another Bob
(Westbrook), Andy (back
head), Ted, Roger and John

Andy, another Bob,
Ted, Roger and John

Benita, Ted,
Roger and John

Andy (making gazpacho),
Roger, John, Ted
and Benita

"Caught red handed!"
Jacky washing tomatos
for gazpacho

Alicia Young
wife of "just Bob"

John, Petra, George Ulrich,
unknown guest
and Andy

Jeff Clyman (Jacky's),
just Bob, Vivian Elliott,

Ted Crowley, John Robinson,
Don Dillin (bathtub paella)
and Vivian Elliott,

Bob Young, George Ulrich,
Benita Rollins, Jacky Robin,
(missing - Mary Beth Knapp)

Andy Figueroa, Bob Westbrook,
Roger Castro, Petra Lacey,

John, Ted, just Bob,
George, Alicia, Mary Beth,
Andy and Jan

Benita, George, Vivian,
Jacky, Jeff, Don,
Roger and Petra

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